Online Class: Write a Great Beginning | November 18-20, 2022

In Write a Great Beginning with Will Allison, you’ll spend three days learning how to craft a story opening that will make readers eager to turn the page.

Panel Discussion: Is an Independent Editor Right for You? | March 9-11, 2023

AWP Conference & Bookfair, Seattle, Washington

Writers seeking feedback face a lot of options: Join a writers group? Enroll in a workshop? Attend a conference? Apply to MFA programs? This panel is for writers at any career stage who are curious about another option: working one-on-one with an independent editor. You’ll meet four veteran editors with diverse backgrounds in writing, lit mags, and book publishing. They’ll discuss the services editors provide, finding the right editor for your work, making the most of the relationship, and more.

Just for Fun, a Reading from 2008

I recently learned that this reading from the 2008 Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference is available online. It’s an excerpt from my first novel, What You Have Left.

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